Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week 48 - Birthday Model

Yep... the title pretty much sums it all up. I've always love to take a picture of my cousin but she always refuse. And last Friday when testing a seamless white background shot, I forced her to pose. =)

She was lovely. Long legged Julie Ann could pass as a model. I just love photographing her.

I love this one.  Inspite of the wispy strings of hair in her face, I caught a glimpse of her soul from her eyes... it speaks simplicity.

Session all done.... I enjoyed it.  Hope to trick you to posing some more.  You are beautiful inside and out.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 47 - Sweet Slumber

As promised from last week, another set from our session.

Without further ado, my sweet slumber poser.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Week 46 - Happy Birthday Daniel

I have spent quite a bit of time with this little charmer. I've received a call from a fellow photography enthusiast (Arlene, thanks on these!) if I wanted to shoot a newborn. Well well, since newborn is my favorite, I instantly said Yes. I scheduled the shoot practically four hours after receiving the call. And to much excitement, I dig out my shelves and sorted out what props I should be using. From blankets to towels, bean bag to shawls, the heater and of cors my own crochet hat props. I love being able to add those small touches to the newborn photos I make.

So ariving on time and with loads of stuff, husband dear and I immediately set the things (thanks daddy!). The room was warm and I can feel the excitement of everybody. But I am so sorry I had to ask them out (even husband dear) because the little Daniel is getting cranky. He knows everyone's eyes are on him. And when he settled, session started. Daddy Kirbz was such a good support to Mommy Ems and me. He's such a stage daddy.

Here are a few images from one super newborn session we had last Friday. You'll be seeing a lot more of him here on the blog coming up real soon!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Week 45 - Picture Play

I signed up for Clickinmom class and wanted to show everyone what I did for my week 1 assignment.  Here goes...

Here's my first play:
SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera).

1) I first adjusted on ACR and adjusted my WB to what pleases my eyes.

2) Then played with blend modes with adjusting the opacity varying from 35%-60%.


3) Next, I merged the layers.

4) And created another for dodge and burn layer. I specifially do it in the eye, nose, lilps and hair areas.

5) Since I see "white" eyeballs looks a little blewish. I created another layer and used white brush adjusting the opacity. Another layer for the black brush for the iris since I see the blue matress reflection (which bothers me a lot). Then adjusted opacity again.

6) Merged layers. I cropped out some white sky since it destructs my eyes.

7) Used spot healing brush for some unwanted stuffs in the eyes and lips. Put a very light pink blush in her cheeks.

8) Lastly, I did use unsharp mask with the entire image and merged all layers. Here goes my result.

And the second:

1) Edited in ACR for white balance adjustments.

 2) Applied changes on blend modes with dodge and burn

3) Tested black and white conversion. And found that her eye bags are a little bit dark so I did dodge and burn again with some gausian blur on it. I did separate layer for eyes and see if sharpening will have an effect on it

4) My final output.