Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Shift!

For anyone who is still lingering over here…

I've decided to shift to a new blog.  To go there, please click this link:

Friday, September 9, 2011

Week 50 - Happy Birthday To You Lolo Fred

Happy birthday to you! Shu!
Happy birthday to you! Shu!

It was his grandfather's 65th birthday last 30th of August.
We prepared a birthday gift.  And look at how excited Albert was. Jumping all around waiting for the cake.

We were singing the birthday song but everytime he blows the candle off.

You can find the excitement in his eyes. Look at it.
And I love those pouty lips.

 And when we were done. Too much disappointment for him.

Cried to ask some more candles to blow.....

Request granted! And the blowing begins again.

And some more.....


And although he still wanted some more, we stopped before we burn our house.

Albert didn't want that and he begged and he begged. You can see from his eyes.

Thought of another thing.  Beer!

Oh well,,,, the love for a beer runs in the family. 

Poor Albert... so tired of jumping, blowing and drinking.

And for you Lolo Fred.  Happy Birthday! See you soon!!!!