Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week 49 - Another Mommy To Be

Photographing moms-to-be for me is such a delight.  It's such a nice feeling preserving a woman's most loved moments.  Knowing the fulfillment of being a mother, I know how it feels that every moment in life is such a miracle.  The curves, beauty and simplicity of a pregnant woman is much of excitement and would want to photograph the glow on a woman's beauty. 

It is so often that pregnant women feel less than fabulous at this time but being lured to love on maternity photograpahy, I'm trying to let a mom-to-be feel beautiful and celebrate how blessed their curved bellies are.

For me it is timeless, rewarding and most of all, it shows how mothers love unconditionally.

From what I've said, it is what my newly found friend, Bea felt.    Thanks to Sarah, I have met her.  The truth and all honesty, I find her to be so sweet and seen that her husband loves her. 

And although I find it cheesy and mushy, the parents-to-be are so incredibly beautiful.

Bea did felt very comfortable in front of my camera. I enjoyed every single pose and outfit changes she did.

 And I loved that she trusted me to take in control and even play with my creativity.  And for sure, the phrase beside this favorite pose of her is felt by every mommy to be.

Lastly, I thank her for giving me the chance to capture her baby bump before the little boy in her says HELLO to the world.  I'm looking forward for another chance to capture a special addition to your family!