It's finally here!! It's really, really here and I'm officially excited and looking forward to every photoblog.

I'm very thrilled to share all the newness and although sounding like I'm making some kind of speech, I'm giving tons of thanks to all of the people around me.  For giving me encouragement and inspiration to shoot and write.

Enough for all those gratifying notes and let me introduce myself. Real name is Imelda Molina-Custodio. I leave my 25 years in the Philippines and for more than 4 years, Abu Dhabi has become my new home. I'm married to Raynan who has been supporting me almost half of my life... and blessed with Albert, our happiness.

Being a team of husband and wife and loving parent to our son, photography is what we call our "US" time.  We are both working as an engineer and although busy to have a living and building a family, Tender Foot Images is how we spend our togetherness.   We do not do photography to pay our mortgage or our necessities.  We do it because this is our outlet. 

Anyone can buy a posh camera, point it at you or to somebody else, and click.  We are so much more than our camera.  We don't snap photographs.... We make pictures.  We consider ourself not a photographer but we strive to be an artist....Making our camera as a paintbrush and preserving life's memories as our artwork.

Look through our galleries.  If you love what you see, contact us.  We will arrange for a photoshoot.  May it be in your own home or any location you would be comfortable.  Please note that we are not professional photographers. If you are expecting "perfection" then a professional will do the trick. We do this because we want to learn more about photography and photoediting.

We have nice cameras. We do have flashes and an "extra" lighting. We will take pictures of "family" type events and "clean and appropriate" photos. We are volunteering our time only to those interested to share theirs.