Saturday, April 23, 2011

Week 40 - Almost 2!

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

Anyway, the pictures were taken during our Saturday weekend bonding in the beach.

Child photography can be fun and challenging at the same time especially when it comes to photographing our very own child.

I’ve tried al kind of silly jokes, most of the times.

And it rarely get Albert's attention.

 Needless to say, he's the one who takes our breath a way. 

Every moment, every time....

He's always loved.  Not only by me.  But many.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week 39 - Meet Zack!

I won't forget how cute little newborn noises are.  I still remember how was Albert two years ago.  His little grunts and gurgles were one of my treasured memories. 

I had a pleasure of shooting my 5th newborn model (my son being the 1st).  My family and I drove all the way to Al Ain and spent the night with the Diaz family.  The trip was quite tiring and dangerous. Weather in UAE these days is such a bully for travellers like us.  Of corz, terrible sandstorm is always there to keep us slow.  Neverthe less it didn't stop us from going to baby Zack. 

There's something just undescribable about the energy I feel when I'm around a baby - it's so magical.  Zack definitely is a sweet angel captivating the hearts of his mom, dad and most of all little MJ.  No doubt, he really is a sweetheart!

So how was it?  Baby Zack was such a cry baby and doesn't want to sleep at all.  Since I've prepared and did all the prop hats, newborn cocoon and even a bean bag, I was determined to ace this session.  Well, thanks to the space heater, Zack was fast asleep.  It was like I have a magic magic wand.  It was easy to make some good posing and shots during newborn session.  My camera was really on fire!  Here are some samples and I'm really proud of it!

Melanie and Alvin, congratulations to the new addition to your family.  Thanks for giving sharing this to us.  You're family is trully blessed.

Enjoy your newborn Zack!  

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 38 - A Different Kind of Chemistry

As first quarter of 2011 comes to a close and more than a year of shoot shoot shoot, I wanted to take this engagement session we had for two Fridays be featured as my 38th week project.

The entire session was trully amazing as the couple have this certain chemistry.  You can trully find how in love the guy to her woman and how crazy the woman to her guy.  This is the kind of relationship anyone would envy. 

Getting to know new faces are one of my favorites.  Here's Ed and Lala's Dubai Marina and Golden Tulip Abu Dhabi Engagement Session.

Ed looks little shy before the 1st engagement session, but Lala had it all making him feel comfortable.


After a quick outfit change, Ed and Lala literally put our camera on continous shooting mode.

I knew I would like them instantly..........

I'll end this week with these photos showing their different kind of chemistry.  It's just so full of friendship, of trust, of love, of happiness and contentment.  What more can you look for?

Credits to Erick Niverba, Jeanette Naling, husband dear Raynan for their photos and none the less Cathy and Bel's laughters.

Ooops..... for the couple, these is just a preview.  You'll see more.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Week 37 - Hallway Beauty

Since we purchased the new addition to our photography stuff, my husband wanted to practice and see how good it is.  We've planned to get our son to be our model (as always).  He was such a crybaby and got tired.

Well, knowing husband dear as persistent as he is, he still wanted to practice.  Very lucky our flatmate was there and surely wanted some pose.

After cooking dinner, comes the hallway photo shoot.  Raynan practiced his shots and later I did too.  We've got loads of ideas and thankfully, my model was so OK for that.  I did enjoy the rest of the evening.  See how it goes how we did.

Sorry to say to you guys, she's getting married soon.  Isn't she a beauty!!