Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week 35 - Photography 101 by Zack A.

So we drove down to Dubai for GPP's workshop and seminars.  Particularly, I will feature my Photography 101 workshop. 

We finally met the coolness in photography, one of our favorite photographers, Zack Arias. Me and my husband are avid followers of his blog, so needless to say, we are a HUGE fan.

Zack’s Photography 101 workshop for GPP covered everything from the basics of photography, workflow, making beautiful portraits with natural light, to post-production, to marketing and getting your name out there, and even a real-world scenario, where we had to photograph two models outdoors.  I have learnt so many things and got loads of ideas.  I may say I've been inspired to learn more on photography.

So what have I learned?  Plenty!  But I will only site the most important thing I've learned. 
The fact that there are only few photographers do master their medium.  Instead they do allow the the gadget to master them and splurge their hard earned money to chase new lens or new gadget without staying into one piece of equipment long enough to master its capabilities. This is a big fact to me.  The less equipment I have the less I worry about.  "Great gear does not equal great photography".  Well, I couldn't agree less on Zack about it.  Knowing my equipment will give confidence in taking photographs.

For the technicalities...See it from the shots I had.  These  are just sample exercises in taking portraits using natural light.  I will post more on these in the following weeks.



And here is the rest of the gang (Joey L. David Nightingale, Gregory Heisler, Manny Librodo, David Tejada and Zack Arias) with us!

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  1. Yes,,, the coolness in photography! The sucksessful commercial photograper. Zack A - I'm a fan too!