Friday, March 4, 2011

Week 33 - Inspiration Through Art

A few months ago, I accidentally stumble to their heroes page and was touched by everyone's story. I've felt the tears and happiness of the mothers. Realizing how blessed my son is, I applied to be one of their participating photographer. I wanted to share my time and love of learning photography. 

To my excitement,  reading their reply to my application.... it says "Your application has been accepted!!"

And the real challenge comes.  There are no such branch of their organization here in Abu Dhabi.  Fingers crossed,  I'm hoping I could start it here.  It is a difficult job to start it out zero and one thing for sure - that I don't know how to do it. But I have this peristence and hoping I could give happy memories to the families of the future heroes here in UAE, specifically Abu Dhabi.   I hope to bring smiles to these deserving families and be part of this project.

I'm looking for families in the Abu Dhabi area who have a child or know a child with a serious illness or life altering disability who might benefit from the project. I’m now one of several worldwide photographers who are on standby, ready to schedule a session.

Here goes,,, feel free to visit their website:

And if you decided you want someone be one of their HEROES, here's there flyer and a link to their application form.


Note that I'm new addition to their list and not added to the website as of this moment.  But yet, families can  STILL request for a session here in ABU DHABI! It will take a few weeks to get caught up with them adding new volunteers all over the world.  Don't let that stop anyone from sending heroes in your area!

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  1. what a big heart you have. more blessings