Saturday, April 16, 2011

Week 39 - Meet Zack!

I won't forget how cute little newborn noises are.  I still remember how was Albert two years ago.  His little grunts and gurgles were one of my treasured memories. 

I had a pleasure of shooting my 5th newborn model (my son being the 1st).  My family and I drove all the way to Al Ain and spent the night with the Diaz family.  The trip was quite tiring and dangerous. Weather in UAE these days is such a bully for travellers like us.  Of corz, terrible sandstorm is always there to keep us slow.  Neverthe less it didn't stop us from going to baby Zack. 

There's something just undescribable about the energy I feel when I'm around a baby - it's so magical.  Zack definitely is a sweet angel captivating the hearts of his mom, dad and most of all little MJ.  No doubt, he really is a sweetheart!

So how was it?  Baby Zack was such a cry baby and doesn't want to sleep at all.  Since I've prepared and did all the prop hats, newborn cocoon and even a bean bag, I was determined to ace this session.  Well, thanks to the space heater, Zack was fast asleep.  It was like I have a magic magic wand.  It was easy to make some good posing and shots during newborn session.  My camera was really on fire!  Here are some samples and I'm really proud of it!

Melanie and Alvin, congratulations to the new addition to your family.  Thanks for giving sharing this to us.  You're family is trully blessed.

Enjoy your newborn Zack!  


  1. Job well done....

  2. thanks everyone... looking forward to finishing my photo project.

  3. Newborns are difficult subject but looks like you're a newborn photog!

    I love the lower left pose. I know it's difficult to do and I've almost always fail when I do that.