Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 38 - A Different Kind of Chemistry

As first quarter of 2011 comes to a close and more than a year of shoot shoot shoot, I wanted to take this engagement session we had for two Fridays be featured as my 38th week project.

The entire session was trully amazing as the couple have this certain chemistry.  You can trully find how in love the guy to her woman and how crazy the woman to her guy.  This is the kind of relationship anyone would envy. 

Getting to know new faces are one of my favorites.  Here's Ed and Lala's Dubai Marina and Golden Tulip Abu Dhabi Engagement Session.

Ed looks little shy before the 1st engagement session, but Lala had it all making him feel comfortable.


After a quick outfit change, Ed and Lala literally put our camera on continous shooting mode.

I knew I would like them instantly..........

I'll end this week with these photos showing their different kind of chemistry.  It's just so full of friendship, of trust, of love, of happiness and contentment.  What more can you look for?

Credits to Erick Niverba, Jeanette Naling, husband dear Raynan for their photos and none the less Cathy and Bel's laughters.

Ooops..... for the couple, these is just a preview.  You'll see more.



  1. Very good paps... Wat a lovely couple... I like the way you captured every detail of dem.. Keep it pap's!

  2. Jeanette, I know it's you... thank you.. kahit I should keep it =)

  3. lovely couple! perfect for each other! 2Thumbs up!

  4. hahahha! imelda i want you to say keep it up not keep it! sorry...=)( till this time i didnt take my lunch, my mind and my eyes are not working well)