Saturday, January 29, 2011

Week 28 - Santos Family New Year Session

I absolutely LOVE when I have a session.  And although we don't have a studio and just go use any room.  It just flows seamlessly!  This tiny sweet girl and her parents came pick us up and spent the good part of a day with us so we could capture her images.  Cassie's parents are so kind and gentle with her and they definitely did not seem like first time parents.  And mind you, as much as we love photography, Cassie's dad knows lots about it too.  He's a fellow hobbiest.  I was just crossingfingers he would like what we would do.

I love seeing the parents beam with pride when they show off their new little ones and this couple is so in love with their beautiful girl.  We had fun during this session and Cherryl and Noriel definitely wanted us to shoot a variety of poses with Cassie, so we tried to pull off as much as we could.  I am so grateful for my husband dear, Raynan, for helping to bring this shoot to life.  We have this connection during our sessions where he already knows what I am going to say or what I am thinking and this cohesiveness is priceless to me.  

Cassie, thank you so much for being the sweet girl that you are, I absolutely loved your session.  Cherryl and Noriel, thank you so much for bringing the your little girl down for the shoot – it was such a pleasure shooting with you all and we look forward to seeing the three of you again soon!  Till our next vacation!

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  1. Blessings to this sweet baby. Looks like a happy family to me.