Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week 14 - Twin Treasures

Well it has been pretty busy this week.  Lots of errands to do after office for the upcoming SAD Dog Day.  However have been very lucky last Thursday.  I had the pleasure of spending time with a new found friend, K.  And the bonus is  having the perfect little models for the week.  M and J are twin treasures.  What I love about the twins is how they naturally cuddle each other.  There are times in the shoot they were swatting at each other's faces but for the most part they go into a cozy slumber together.

So how did I photograph the twins? Well, I've prepared lots and send K some of newborn poses I like.  And to add up on the excitement,  K knows photography too.  I just crossed fingers she'd like what I did.

For the lighting, as much as I wanted to have a natural light.  It just didn't happen as the shoot was done in the evening.  So here goes my oldschool speedlight coming in handy.  I positioned the twins at a 45 degree angle, with their heads facing the light.  I like the light to fall over their face and throw soft shadows.

Timing the shots are very important.  The twins didn't move much but they subtly change their position and expressions in ways.  I had my camera set in continuous shooting mode because I find shooting single frame missing some good moments to capture.  However careful not to annoy the twins with the flash.  Eitherway, I've ended up with some wonderful sequences of shots by shooting off three or four shots in a row.

Well all goes and numerous clicks from my camera.  I had difficulty putting it down as I love photographing the twins.  M was a darling and J were the natural.  I bet these two are going to grow up and be best of friends.  Imagine more fun with them, they are identical twins.

Gear: Nikon D90, Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8, 1 Nikon SB-25 Speedlight, Manfrotto Light Stand, Prodigy umbrella, clean towel and dates basket
Settings: f8, 1/160sec., ISO 200, fill light flash power 1/8, back light flash power
Post process: NONE but Watermarked with Picmarkr 

Gear: Nikon D90, Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8, 2 Nikon SB-25 Speedlight, Manfrotto Light Stand, Prodigy umbrella and white cloth as backdrop
Settings: f3.5, 1/200sec., ISO 200, fill light flash power 1/8, back light flash power, 1/16 
Post process: NONE but Watermarked with Picmarkr

I had a great time hanging out and snugging the boys.  I hope I have created images that will last a lifetime & beyond. Congratulations again to K and her family, your newest additions are just perfect!!

For more of the twins,  see my People's Newborn section.


  1. Super like your project this week. Mother's love was very well captured.

  2. Nice. You're turning like a pro every week.

  3. Evian and Jason... thanks.. very supportive.

  4. Lovely babies. The parents must have been proud.

  5. Got some comments from the pro's of NEM... here goes..

    "Well, I agree you picked a really challenging subject(s). I Like the basket idea, and with a few refinements it would be really cool. First, it would be great if you could see both faces.. Also, one of my pet peeves about infant shots is the diapers always look rather unsightly - maybe that is just me LOL.

    The shot of Mom with the babies is another good idea, but it would be nice to see all the faces - that could be really tough. The pose you have is a jumble of hands and feet. How about mom holding one in each arm turned around so all are facing the cam? Set her in a nice chair with a plain background.

    Please don't be discouraged by my comments. I know how tough this is having tried it without a lot of success myself. Perhaps Amber (Two Color) will have some additional ideas. " - Meadowlark

    "Awwwwww...... I like these.... I bet Mama loves them ! " - Barngodess

    "i could say things about the technicality of the whole thing but I'm overwhelmd with the tenderness of the images. lovely.
    the most wonderful experience.
    just lovely" - PH

  6. The shots are just lovely...gorgeous, thank you so much for the opportunity. I will treasure some of these forever. I am sure you agree shooting infants or little ones are so difficult and even more so when they are twins. You did much better job than when I tried!!!! Well done. I really like the basket shot and the one of Me with the twins..

    I think we have similar issues of focusing on the subject, where the camera chooses a different spot to focus to what we wanted which is so frustrating.

    In response to NEMs comments, I agree taking off the nappies would be better but it is a courageous thing to do. These little guys really would let loose if we did that, so I think we would have to find a way for them to lie on something to soil on without ruining the props (or put them in little pants instead of the nappy)

    And as we know (because we tried) to hold both babies, but it really was a little dangerous as the boys are so small and its truly difficult to hold 2 squirming little babies safely. I think the bed idea (me lying on the bed) was a good compromise considering holding them wouldnt work. Good thinking on your behalf!

    Congrats on the photoshoot, overall I think you managed to pull of some good, useful shots, in a short period of time with very difficult subjects

    All the best and thank you very much once again

    Mama Payne of Matt and Josh

  7. Mama Payne.... thanks you like it. I hope we do another session of the twins in the future. Would like to get grip on the face issue and the focusing flaws. I had a great time too!!