Saturday, October 16, 2010

Week 13 - Abu Dhabi's Architectural Wonder

This week I was thinking of featuring the Chic Lady Show 2010.  Me, Raynan and Kuya June went to ADNEC with all packed up gears.  Not to mention my excitement to see for the first time a fashion show of Arabic culture however ending up in a disappointment.  I wasn't able to photograph their fashion culture because of the VIPs presence.  I remember phoning the organizers confirming photography will be allowed.  However knowing Sheikhs and Sheikhas were there for sure it will be possible.  No way I risk photography and later on decided we would go.  There's no fun without the two and no fun without photography.

So, just dug up some photos of my UAE escapade and decided the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a good entry on my weekly photo project.

Every time I see it just blew me away.  The interior is awe inspiring.  The white marble and gold exterior just tops the whole experience.  Going to the mosque allows residents and tourists alike to experience this inspiring addition on Islamic architecure and receive an insight into Islam and Abu Dhabi's heritage. 

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is an amazing pice of architecture making it a true wonder.

Gear:  Nikon D40, Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8G DX,
Settings:  f/14, 1/160sec., ISO 200
Post Process:  Increase Luminance and Saturation in LR2 and watermarked with Picmarkr

Gear:  Nikon D40, Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8G DX,
Settings:  f/13, 1/125sec., ISO 200
Post Process:  Increased Luminance and Saturation with LR2 and watermarked with Picmarkr

For some more interesting images of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, remember to browse LANDSCAPE - Buildings page.


  1. Paps, I heard you need to be in abaya inside. Was it true?

  2. Anna,, yes I had to wear it. Although I didn't bring any, it's available on their front desk.

    If you'd like to go there, best is to avoid prayer timings. I've been there twice and didn't get a chance to photograph their chandeliers. My friend who's into photography too said it was one of the biggest he has seen. And the carpet was in the world record.

  3. Hi Imelda,

    I've done shots on the mosque not too long ago and I wonder how you did the processing. Is this what they call as HDR imaging?

    Hope to see you around.

  4. I like them both. but, doesn't this look over saturated? I mean, I've seen some shots on the mosque and the colors doesn't look real to me (or even closer to reality).

  5. Alicia,,, I'm not so sure if this can be considered HDR. By definition, High dynamic range (HDR) images are those with greater range of tonal detail than a given camera could capture in a single photo. There was no attempt for me to under nor over expose some bracketing with these shots (as what I know with HDR), I just played around with Luminance and Saturation panel of LR2 and like the clarity and contrast it brought out.

    Martina,,, Yup, that's the purpose and glad you noticed it.

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