Saturday, December 4, 2010

Week 20 - All Blacks

Alright, this baby is really gorgeous.  I thought I'd feature him again on my weekly blog. 

ALL BLACKS in New Zealand and the United Kingdom have plenty to look forward to. Here's a photo of Baby J aged 2 months.  From the looks of him, he's already has the makings of a good front row player.  Look at his body, his built, the muscles, the aura and most importantly,,,, his looks in the ALL BLACKS jersey.

And  "Because his mum is an All Blacks fan, and his dad is an All Blacks fan, so he's an All Blacks fan too!" For sure, in around 15 years time..... he can be the MVP for ALL BLACKS team. 


  1. what a cute baby! i like the outfit and the ball...

  2. love the clarity in the eyes... love the baby too.. so so cute